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We live in a culture of death. There are zombies everywhere, and either we are a zombie or a zombie killer. We are either on task and on mission, living a life that begs the question, or we are on the road with the walking dead. 

Unlike in the movies, the purpose of "killing the zombies" is not to kill the people. The purpose of killing the zombies is to make them alive in Christ. This is not an "us against them" mission, it is an "us for them" mission for everyone who is alive in Christ. 

It's not going to be easy. They want to kill us. We are going to want to hate, kill and attack the dead. We will be tempted to see it as "us against them." But our mission is to be "for" them, not against them. No one asked to be a zombie - it is a miserable existence. Sin caused all the brokenness and death. We are all infected.
So how do we kill zombies? How do we bring them to life?

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