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The church is not a building or an event. It is a group of people living in the scandalous love of Jesus and being transformed to look more and more like him. So, to see who we are, we look at him first.  

God has history of defying the notion that anyone is beyond his love. He pursues even the most unlikely people, people on the fringes, people who are considered outcasts, even people who are filled with self-righteousness. He pursues them to the point of laying down his life for them, forgiving them, and setting them free.

So, at CrossPoint, we want to do the same:

We defy the notion that anyone is beyond the love of Jesus.

“Defy” - Wow, that is strong language! It is strong language for a strong call. We do not live in a neutral world. We live in a world that screams to us everyday that our identity is in a thousand things other than Jesus. Within every human heart is a haunting notion that we will not be loved or accepted if we don’t have our lives together. Jesus calls us to defy this notion. We defy the notion that we or anyone else is beyond the love of Jesus. We defy this notion in our own lives as we experience struggles and failures. We defy this notion for our families and friends and neighbors and coworkers and for the most unlikely followers of Jesus. We look at each and every person and think, “Today, how can I defy the notion that this person is beyond the love of Jesus?” We do this in our church services and in our daily lives.  

We do this as:
Family - We are treasured children of God and brothers and sisters to each other.
Disciples - We are learners being transformed into his image.
Servants - We have been freed to serve others.
Missionaries - We are sent with Good News to be advocates for the world.

Because of who God is, this is who we are and how we are freed to live!


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